Marisa Lather in Rhythm

“If you can’t explain it to your grandma, don’t post it.”

Marisa Lather went to college during a time when social media classes were not taught and Facebook still require an e-mail ending in .edu, but that didn’t keep her from becoming a whiz at it all. An English degree and a few years later, she’s now the Marketing Director for Microgrid Solar, and even runs her own fashion blog (currently in a transition mode). She monitors what she posts based on what she would look for in a possible new hire, and tries to keep her personal life separate from her work life. With two Facebook accounts, it helps her narrow down what she wants to be seen by certain audiences. It’s not as an attempt to hide anything, but you have to fight for your privacy as much as you can now.

Facebook pages is one the most popular page to pop up when you Google somebody’s name. Lather gave us some tips on how to control the content that is put on our Facebook page. “Everything you put out about yourself is your brand. Take control of that now,” she advised. Lather even told us to watch what our friends are putting online about us too. Just being tagged in one photo whether your face is visible or not, can still show up in Google image searches.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

“Whatever you post, let there be intention behind it,” Lather told us. Stay clear of the drinking, illegal behavior, and provocative photos. She also advised us to get a quarterly reminder on our phones to go through and double check all of our privacy settings on our Facebook pages and other social media sites. The settings are constantly changing, and sometimes we think what we are posting cannot be seen, until we find out the hard way.

You can avoid that by monitoring what you post, and going back on old posts and deleting what you think was inappropriate or against what you’re aiming for your brand. Most importantly, don’t use Facebook to vent. She said, “Vent to real friends, not Facebook friends.” You’ll never know if the person, organization, or company saw you bad mouthing them. Also, not only bad mouthing shows any red flags to employers, but even the way you talk. No text talking allowed, use proper grammar and English. You never know who will see what you say. Once it’s online, there’s no going back.

Creating the best, “You” online

We may be proud of the “selfie” we just took, but what really can make us stand out online is using a professional photo as your profile photo. Even adding a website to your Twitter or Facebook page, can show credibility, and by having a blog, it adds SEO points toward our name. When you put up an appropriate title, be sure to add your name to the title of the photo, so that adds more SEO points, and it will pop up in searches.

Finding the perfect username for our Twitter and Blogs pages can also help with defining our brand. Using a creative name and background conveys professional qualifications. Don’t use a name or put up any photo that could be misinterpreted. Lather’s fashion blog used to be called, “VanillaInVogue,” and although ‘Vanilla’ was a nickname, she changed it because Vanilla can be associated as plain and boring, and that’s not what she wants her brand to be known as. Also, if you take a photo that could be misinterpreted, use an app to put text over the photo explaining what is it, so what you’re doing is flat out there.

One thing employers dislike the most is lying about qualifications you have. Be sure to make sure anything you put on your LinkedIn profile, or any other profile, is telling the truth. You want to meet the expectations that the employer has for you, and if there was a qualification you had that got you hired, you want to prove you can do it. Make sure you have a well written bio that explains everything you are, and again, using proper grammar and English is also needed in this area. Your creativity can shine through what you can come up with in 140 characters on a Twitter bio.

Getting Your Blog Big

As far as blogging is concerned, make online friends. By others seeing you have friends that aren’t your friends outside of the computer world, make them comfortable enough to communicate with you. The more friends you make, the easier it is to help each other succeed at more visitors, and influence in the blogging community. Once you can prove you have influence, you can then ask ad agencies if they would be interested in paying you to do an ad for their product/company.

Important Lesson of the Day -Manipulate Public Persona

You ultimately have the power of what people can find about you on the web. Even apps like SnapChat that are appealing because the picture only lasts a few seconds and goes away, stores all the pictures you send somewhere. Lather gave the statistic that 30% of teens are using SnapChat, texting, and more to sext. Those don’t go away forever. With enough digging, you can find it somewhere. Depending how long it can take, it will be worth going back through every photo and every Facebook post you have ever been tagged in, uploaded, or shared, and delete anything you might find as a red flag. Not only is it never too late to start your brand, but it’s never too late to create a new, ‘you’ online.

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