Oh the Feels of #PBandJTerm

Spoiler Alert: This blog post you’re about to read will be completely as comedic as I can make it to be to really reflect the atmosphere in class. There was a whole bunch of material that we learned, and while I started out really nervous because I didn’t know anything, I left the class confident and ready to rule the inter webs. You can check out my other blog posts about what we learned, but this post is entirely dedicated to the times when I almost went to the bathroom in my own pants from laughing so hard (TMI? Oh well). This list is not in any specific order. Also, Jill Falk should be proud, because this class finally beat my Spanish II class in high school for favorite class I have ever taken. I wish it was longer than 3 weeks. Sigh. Side note -for all who were concerned if I finally figured out Feedly or not, I did, and it is a really easy way for me to share great blog posts that apply to class on the Google+ page. Thanks for sticking with me throughout my J-Term journey, I can finally stop ranting now (mostly to make the 500 word limit count…. I kid… sort of) and let the top 10 favorite moments list begin!

1. Spontaneous Skype Call with Scott Stratten

Skype Call with Scott Stratten

Skype Call with Scott Stratten

All because of the assignment, “A Brand You Should Know” we tweeted enough to get his attention. He gave a lot of great advice on how to succeed and how he began -which was by tweeting 7,000 times in a month (thought it sounded crazy, but after this J-Term class, I think we all did). He was professional with a mix of spunk. Probably one of my favorite moments during this interview was when Michael Sprague and Ryan Oldham were being complete fan girls and couldn’t decide who would ask him a question first. Another Scott Stratten moment I laughed at, was his sassy comeback to Glendon’s tweet about Google+ to him. He was watching Glen….

2. The Car Ride to Switch

Basically it was such a good event that there was live tweeting going on for it.

Ryan, Melissa, Vincent, and Marko…. These videos are dedicated to you.

3. Visiting Switch


I’m going to be real honest and say that I was so in awe of the environment that it was hard for me to pay attention. I could definitely tell they were good at what they do because of how the office was designed for Switch. When you first get to the office, here is just this little door that you walk through, and it’s pretty plain on the outside. The inside however, could be a big enough mansion for Paris Hilton. There are a lot of people who work there, but they all had an important job, so each person is a big asset to the company.

3. JaeYong Kim -Just Everything


This picture above doesn’t even sum up how hilarious he was. I was really happy to have had a class with this guy. We had to come up with five words to describe our brand, and one of his was, “hilarious” which then made him a little nervous to live up to the standard he created for himself. He definitely lived up to it. Every presentation, every tweet, every Google+ comment, he had me crying I was laughing so hard. One of the biggest things I learned from JaeYoung was that I can trust him to fix my computer.

3. You Know What I’m Saying?

Photo Courtesy of: Emily and Andrew's Mom

Photo Courtesy of: Emily and Andrew’s Mom

He was rather quiet during lectures, social media pages, and class discussions, but boy did he engage the class when he did his presentations. Andrew Balint should be a motivational speaker when he grows up. The energy was nuts and he was funny when he wasn’t even trying to be. He was another one who kept me laughing during presentations. Also, he’s a good sport for allowing us to use him as a meme -you know what I’m saying? (his catch phrase)

6. Speed Branding

We all went around and met each other one on one and we had to fill out certain questions about ourselves. It was a great experience to be able to get to know one another, which in the end, helped create the best college classroom atmosphere. Also, thinking about this experience, it makes me miss everyone already… I must move on to number seven before I get stuck in nostalgia.

7. Pinning Everything in the World

Photo Courtesy of: Meagan

Photo Courtesy of: Meagan

This made me feel a lot less guilty for spending time on Pinterest (good idea Jill) and I liked that I was able to teach others how to use it, because it made me feel useful. Sorry not sorry about spamming your e-mail with pins (mostly blame it on Melissa… although she had good material).

8. Justin Beiber Mugshot Appreciation

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images (assuming that's where Michael got it).

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images (assuming that’s where Michael got it).

Taking time out of our day to honor this mugshot by listening to one of his songs was really gracious of us. As Michael Sprague consistently said that un-forgetful day, always #Beileb.

9. Almost Dying on the Way to and from Class

Snow day on the first day was a good idea, and a snow on the second day would have been another great idea. Luckily I was able to be alive to make it to the rest of J-Term, although I’m still traumatized and bitter about the whole thing.

10. Finding My Niche

On a serious note, I am really grateful I received help on how to do something about my passion for Women’s Rights. I created a new blog that I am taking seriously and I also signed up to volunteer for the XXXChurch. As if I wasn’t inspired enough by everyone else in the class, I can’t wait to make a difference in the world alongside my classmates.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Loosing many Twitter followers and gaining a bunch of random ones.
  • All the inspiration shared on the Google+ page and Pinterest Board
  • The song of the day, (even though my Tupac one was depressing, but if they listened to the lyrics they would know it’s inspiring)

Literally My Favorite Thing that Happened All J-Term:


Jillonce and all the other Jill Falk memes.

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