Whole Foods Market gives you a Whole Heart

Whole Foods Market gives you a Whole Heart


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Whole Foods Market is all about cooking and creating the perfect healthy meals for yourself and your family. The clean layout of their website really reflects the clean eating lifestyle they are trying to sell to their potential customers. As someone who cannot cook, the social media pages of Whole Foods Market and the website itself, really help me buckle down on my skills by providing me the best easy-to-follow instructions for a wholesome meal. Not only that, but I hardly realize they are advertising to me. When I’m reading their content, I cannot help but hear it as my own mother telling me. The perfectly constructed words give that “motherly” feel, which for most people, usually your mom is the one that teaches you how to cook.

Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market Instagram

Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market Instagram

Making an impact on the world

Whole Foods Market does not just stand for being physically healthy, but most importantly healthy to your surrounding community. For them, they consider the whole world as their community. They are all about giving back to the world by trying to be environmentally friendly, especially the way they grow their crops organically, they have made a commitment to better the society, they practice seafood sustainability, and they believe in animal welfare. These values really target the group of people that are trying to make a difference in the world everyday, usually that tends to be younger people and moms. Because of the internet, there is a sort of an obsession with seeing the world which their Instagram page really captures. Not only do the followers see the world, they see the people and the environments that their food comes from. This company is so into helping the world, that they even created their own non-profit organization called, “Whole Planet” that focuses on feeding the hungry, and helping the less fortunate. That just shows how dedicated they are to their mission and values.

Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market Facebook Page

The issue of, “What’s for dinner?” shall never be a worry again

We all know this feeling. You spend a long day at work or school and you never have time to take out of your day to figure out what to eat for dinner. Thanks to Whole Foods Market’s social media platforms, there is a flood of new recipes to try everyday. Their Twitter page is almost strictly tweets of recipes, same as their Facebook page. The Pinterest page has over 50 different boards that are organized based on the type of meal from special holiday meals to even different mixed alcoholic drinks. The boards do not just stop at foods -they continue their healthy life business plan by including a work-out board and beauty tips and tricks. For us visionary folk, YouTube is utilized as a tool to feel like a mini food show, and discusses pressing topics to the audience. Not only YouTube, but infographics are another tool Whole Foods Market uses everywhere to better breakdown rather confusing topics. Their main website has a blog that is dedicated to teaching the customers the dangers that can come with food, and the CEO’s John Mackey and Walter Robb connect with their fans through their blogs too, and even talk about what’s in the news.

A better lifestyle is an easy click away

Thanks to the content strategy this company follows, a better me is just a click away. I can begin healthy eating by just finding a recipe virtually anywhere on any Whole Foods Market platform. Sure they use their products in the steps, but I do not feel like I am being advertised to because I am learning something through their products. It definitely encourages me to shop at their store when I can follow what good they are doing for the world through an Instagram page. The layout, text, pictures, and much more create this nature-like environment for me on the web and in the store. I can just tell the type of values this company holds based on the type of text they used on their website. There is not one poor branding and content strategy this company in participating in. It is all so wonderfully constructed and thought-out, making it easy for a wonderful user experience. It shows they really value this planet, they really want to change the world for good, and keeping up on news topics shows they are very informative. You cannot help, but let that rub off on yourself. Whole Foods Market is one brand that really sticks out above the rest.


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