Forget Using Inside Voices

Consume All the Things!

When it comes to my phone, most of my apps are social media apps. Some like Twitter, are used to just stay updated with news from all over the world and St. Louis region. Usually that is the only content I collect from Twitter because I try not to follow accounts that aren’t going to give me any useful information. I also have Instagram, but it does not generate too much content for me, other than pretty pictures. As far as some local news stations, they only post the fun things happening around the news room for the day. If I did not need a phone to have the app, I probably would strictly access it through the web.

I of course have the other popular apps like Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed. One app I spend a lot of time on is Vine. It provides my daily laugh, but I am also very attracted to creative pieces using stop-motion. I’ve actually had a Vine make it on the popular page with almost 3,000 likes and over 600 shares, and it was a stop-motion engagement announcement. There are some big Vine accounts I follow who are paid to make ads for companies, and they are either so creative and/or funny, that I don’t realize I am watching an ad. I’ve also noticed that paid ads on Twitter are using stop-motion Vines, so I think a big new advertising medium is beginning it’s revolution.

I absolutely do not have and will not have Facebook on my phone. I only post as often as I do on it to remind friends and family that I’m not dead. It’s also easier to keep up that way than to send a mass e-mail, text message, or letter. Sounds awful, but that’s kind of how it is these days. I don’t consider Facebook as any content collector for me. I’ve recently invested a lot of time on Buzzfeed, as I mentioned, I have the app. I like it because it tells a story with silly gifs, but they do actually have interesting stories. It’s the perfect site to share content because everyone can relate to something on that site. The same goes for Pinterest. I joke that I’m addicted to Pinterest, when in reality, my mom is more of an addict -which says a lot. She’s a woman in her mid sixties who signed up on Facebook for a week and refused to add any of her family. The only thing she uses the computer for is: e-mailing, playing Sudoku, and Pinterest. That’s how you know Pinterest will be around for a very long time.

Photo Credit: Chris Bacarella from Flickr

Photo Credit: Chris Bacarella from Flickr

Hey! Make Your Own Content

Going into the field of Journalism, specifically broadcast, the core of my job is creating content. If I cannot create quality content, then I will never be able to be a journalist. However, this applies for most career choices. It’s all about making something unique enough to be shared a million and two times. I personally want to cover wars, but any global news is good. Since I’m aiming for such a large medium of work, I have a lot of content that can be created. On my personal time I’m very interested in women’s rights, so for a personal blog, that would be my niche.

Flowing off that topic of choice, there is a lot to say. There can be talk about rape culture, and how some think it’s the woman’s fault based on her clothing choice, to something as big as women gaining the right to vote in another country. There will always be a topic. Plus, just browsing the web, it seems like more and more women are speaking out about women’s rights, and it’s something that really get us fired up as a group. For example, women still make less than men do in the workplace… this is 2014 people!

Professionally as I stated, I am more geared towards war zones and global news. The content I hope to provide is video and pictures of what is happening, that will hopefully strike a chord in the viewer. Video and pictures is what has allowed the world to know what life is like in other places. They can also create wanderlust in the traveler’s. Besides, in this day in age, it’s way too hard to get someone to read or watch anything without some unusual visuals.

Photo Credit: Rhett Landry from Flickr

Photo Credit: Rhett Landry from Flickr

Being the Voice of the Voiceless Women

Mentioned before, the niche I hope to succeed at is telling stories about what’s happening to women all over. At first since I don’t quite have the funds yet to travel all over the world, my blog posts will most likely consist my whole take on certain issues based on different articles I have read. The ultimate goal is to have all work be 100% my contribution, and maybe other blogs will quote me. I chose this as a niche because it’s something I never get tired of talking about, and I have a real big passion for these type of stories.

I want to be available on all platforms so I can reach every audience. Obviously a blog would be my starting point and from there I would like to have a Vine account that uses stop-motion to tell a quick fact (I don’t think a longer YouTube video would keep others informed), a Twitter account to post what recent work I’ve done, and visuals from infographics, to videos, and pictures. If I do a news story on a topic women-related, I would share that on my social media accounts.

I look to a few blogs that talk about this topic already, and it’s important to have a few inspirations that can help you get started. Don’t copy everything they do, but pay close attention to what is helping their blog run smoothly. Plus, some of the blogs I look at, post stories I would never talk about, but I keep my eye on them because they do have some diamonds in there.

No matter what you decided to talk about, over everything else, just put time into your content, and it will flow from there.

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