Week Two: Past the Rookie Stage

Content Is Everywhere

Too bad, you can’t escape it and when it’s done right, you don’t even realize you’re consuming it. Take the Target ad above for example. It’s a stop-motion, it’s fun, it’s bright, and the whole time you’re so amazed at what you see, you don’t realize it’s an ad until the end of the commercial when it says it’s for Target. As an advertising perspective, that was a job well done. How about for your blog, or your Twitter, or whatever else you use for your brand? What content are you using?

Content is so important if you want to create a large following, and maybe even make money someday off blogging. When you pick a specific topic to focus on, it allows you to create better content, and it keeps it organized, so those consuming it don’t get overwhelmed by everything available to look at. It also helps build trust for your brand as well. When they like what you post, they are more likely to share it with others making more traffic for you. Also, try and have a variety of content to really show you’re passionate about what you’re posting and you know a lot about it. Different types of content includes: videos, micro-videos,blogs, micro-blogs, infographics, presentations, photos, apps, and more. The list for content isn’t limited, so neither should you!

Have Gratitude For Life

My Niece Liliana at the Lake

My Niece Liliana at the Lake

We watched a Tedx Talk in class from Happiness Researcher, Shawn Achor, on having gratitude and having a positive mind. He says there is a connection between happiness and success, which I think a lot of people forget that. You often find your workplace that there is a lot of negativity, whether it’s your career or just a part time job. I have had four part-time jobs, and two of them had a positive workplace, which allowed me to be more positive myself. I had better sales, I got along with my co-workers better, and I didn’t complain about having to go into work. I didn’t feel like I was selling my soul for a paycheck every two weeks.

When watching that video in class, this one instantly came to my mind. I cannot help but tear up every time I’ve watched (which has probably been around 100 times). I always go to this video when I’m having a bad day, or if I’m feeling uninspired, and it instantly brings up my mood. Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we already have, and instead complain about it; whether that is people in our lives, not having designer clothing, whatever it is. We, as a culture, made the hash-tag, #firstworldproblems a popular thing, and I admit, I contributed sometimes. Looking at a big picture, how ungrateful does that make us sound?

I don’t mean that in a way to ride off any worries you have just because others have less than you, because it doesn’t matter the amount of money you have to be upset, what the big picture I’m getting at here is that you choose happiness, and by choosing happiness, you’re choosing success. Stress is a thing made up with our minds because we are doubting ourselves.

Unexpected Guest Speaker Does Good

It’s not everyday that someone wants to do an impromptu Skype interview with the class. All it took was a few students in the class  tweeting at Scott Stratten, for him to put on a pair of pants and chat. He is ranked one of the top influencers on Twitter in the world, and that’s just among some of the things he does. One of my favorite things Stratten said was, “Never force content, no one reacts to it.”

Skype Call with Scott Stratten

Skype Call with Scott Stratten

Stratten told us the secret to how he built an empire on Twitter, and that was that he tweeted 7,000 times in one month. I’ve been on Twitter for about four or five years now, and I just now hit a little more than 11,000 tweets. Trying to tweet that much in one month seems so hard. I would worry I would loose followers, I would run out of things to say, and I would overly worry about saying something important at all times. However, if it worked for Stratten, it does not mean it is impossible. But like he said, “When you write, you’re putting yourself out there.”

RSS Update:

I figured out how to make a category on Feedly. Other than that, I’m still slightly lost. Hopefully with my final week update, I will be able to tell you why it’s helpful.

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