Dreams, Desires, and an Open Mind to Learning

I like taking pictures.

Who am I to the Internet?

When I Google my first and last name, the results are about as boring as when you had to sit in the hair salon as a kid while your mom got her hair done. The only profile that shows up that is linked directly to me, is my LinkedIn profile, which I hardly have set up. Other than that, there are a few pictures from my old MySpace account, but I was also between the ages of 13-16 in them, so I’m not too worried. I do not mind the results, but I know if I am trying to impress an employer, I should definitely work on that kind of footprint I leave behind professionally.  Rather than trying to narrow down what I do want employers to find on a Google search, it is easier to say what I do not want them to find.

First of all, my Facebook page, not because of questionable material, but because I do not really associate a Facebook profile with being professional. Besides, they would mostly find a bunch of cat photos, and wannabe clever statuses anyway. I would like them to find a better Twitter profile for myself. Again, not that I’m tweeting anything racy, I’m just not tweeting anything important. How are they supposed to rely on me to know how to manage my own Twitter account, if all I’m tweeting about is what I did for the day? I would create a separate Twitter page, but I’m already at 417 followers, and I’m afraid I would not get them all to follow the new account. Maybe a goal for this J-Term course could be learning how to professionalize (did I make up a word?) my Twittersphere and get it in the top results when you Google my name. There’s not much else I really don’t want an employer finding, because I’m pretty confident in my other profiles.

What is my calling?

Bombs exploding behind me, and doing a stand-up in the middle of a war-zone is my dream. I’ve noticed every reporter has some sort of topic they like to report on, whether it is crime, sketchy business men, or whatever, and I have some strong calling and passion for wanting to be a war correspondent/world news reporter. I have known that I was meant to be a reporter when I was 10 years old, and I first really watched the news, which was on September 11, 2001. I may not remember how I felt too much, but I will never forget the news clips and all the different anchors and reporters I saw that day. What will be the biggest day in history in my entire life, and I remember it by newscasts. How powerful is that? There’s something that’s really appealing about being the storyteller, and when you are there reporter, you have made yourself a part of history. What a dream!

Sure in high school I may have been interested in interior design or business, but my heart always went back to reporting. Being pretty passionate about the field, I have a lot of respect for a lot of anchors. Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, Robyn Roberts, are a few of the names that come to mind. I also really like the reporter, Amber Lyon. She may not be as much of a household name as the others, but I really like what she stands for and I like how to always reports the stories not otherwise talked about. Looking at my dreams and inspirations, I really just want to fix what’s wrong with the media, and make the viewers think on a higher level.

I got to meet one of my idols, Robin Roberts.

I got to meet one of my idols, Robin Roberts.

I want to be the helping hand for others

I know Journalism is a competitive field, and sometimes it feels like people are only helpful to you in hopes of being a great connection for them in the future -which can be kind of bittersweet (nice they think you will make it, but also sad because you’re not cool enough to just like as a person). Working at LUTV, there is a lot of opportunity to help fellow students who haven’t had their hands in the same jar quite as long as you. Since I’ve been mastering all of these skills for about four years now, it is safe to say I have it all mostly mastered. I mostly get asked to read over a script they wrote, or especially with editing. I genuinely do love helping fellow peers, because I want everyone to have had the same opportunities when they go to apply for a job, and I also really want students to have taken those opportunities before it’s too late.

I have a couple of friends who are studying broadcast journalism as well, at other colleges, and they text me asking if I can help them make a demo reel, or they will ask me advice on how to act on air (which is one of the biggest compliments, because I personally think it is my weakest spot, mostly because I’m highly critical of myself). I think it would be rude and manipulative if I tried to keep all of the knowledge about the field in my brain. Sure I know they are competition, but that does not mean I have to let out the claws. I know, if someone is coming to me, they trust me, and that is so empowering as a hopeful journalist.

Why this J-Term course will be so important to me

I would lie if I said I didn’t cry sometimes at the though of never being able to report, but I cry because I care. In only a few months, I will finally earn my degree, and be thrown out into the world. How scary is that? I’ve made a home of this University for four years, and once I leave this place, I have to be polished and as close to perfection as I possibly could be. Thousands of other broadcast journalism majors all over the country will be graduating at the same time and will be fighting for the same job as I. #PBandJTerm (the short-cut/hashtag is so hip, so I’m not spelling it out) I believe, will help me stand-out amongst all other applications. Hopefully my resume and demo reel will too, but just to be the cherry on top of a sweet, sweet, hot-fudge sundae, the station will see my online presence as an individual, and will fully put their trust in me as a pick.

I am not entirely sure what we will be doing in this class, but I know it will always be interesting. I am not actually sure how many universities even have a class like this one. Sure it might be a small topic covered in one of the lessons in another major class, but it’s not focusing on it directly for three weeks, at three hours at a time. I have full faith in what I am going to learn, because it will be an area of expertise I am weak at.

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